What is a Yarn Tension Ring?

Yarn Tension Ring

What is a yarn tension ring?

A Yarn tension ring is a ring that goes on your finger that you can wrap the yarn around. It is used to crochet or knit stitches with even tension.  It is most commonly used on the index finger of your less dominant hand.  So if you are right Handed,  you would put it on your index finger on your left hand.   Our Yarn tension rings are all adjustable so that you can tighten or loosen the tension as you tighten or loosen the ring.

Peacock Yarn Tension Ring Guide

How do you use a yarn tension ring?

Depending on which ring you choose, there are different ways to use your yarn tension ring.  All of our tension rings are adjustable so you will be able to fit them to your finger.  Most of our tension rings will have at least one side that curls to the left or right.  You can use this side to wrap your yarn around and if the ring has the other side overlap, you can tuck the yarn under it for extra tension.  



Watch our video on how to use Yarn Tension Rings:

If the ring does not have a place to hook the yarn in place, such as the paw print or the Potter Wizard Ring, you can just thread the yarn in between the ring band and your finger and tighten the ring for extra tension.  You can also loop the yarn around one more time the ring band for more tension.


When to use a yarn tension ring?

You can use the yarn tension ring any time you are crocheting or knitting.  It is especially helpful when crocheting or knitting long periods of time because it can lessen fatigue and prevent the yarn from causing irritation on your fingers.


What styles of Yarn tension rings are available?

We have so many styles of yarn rings, there is sure to be one to fit anyone's preferences.

Peacock, Swan, Butterfly, Dragonfly, Cat, Music Note, Snake, Fox, Starfish, Octopus, Tree Branch, Potter Wizard Theme, Hearts.

If you would rather have a decorative ring, we have handmade wire wrapped swirls and zigzag rings.

Why do I need a yarn tension ring?

There are many benefits to using the yarn tension ring.

-The yarn tension ring is very helpful for beginners because it can make the tension easier to adjust and more consistent. Many beginner crocheters make their stitches too tight or too loose, so the ring will make them more consistent.

-Some crocheters and knitters who have arthritis have noticed they can crochet easier and longer when using the ring.

-Some crocheters have said they can crochet faster and for longer periods of time with the ring.

-Not only will you have a useful tool, but you can wear a fashionable piece of jewelry.

I want to give the Yarn Tension Ring as a gift? Does the Yarn Tension Ring come with instructions on how to use it?

Yes every ring included a photo of the yarn tension ring with yarn in position, and a video link on how to use it for crochet.  

I'm allergic to nickel.  Are there any yarn tension rings for people with metal allergies?

Yes, You will want to get a ring that is made of aluminum or sterling silver.

Can I use the yarn tension ring as a guide when working with multiple yarn colors?

Yes, Our Zigzag Yarn Tension Ring is great when a pattern calls for switching colors because it has multiple ways to hold the yarn for tension.

If you have any questions about our Yarn Tension Rings please leave them in the comments below.

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