Crochet Countdown to Christmas Advent Calendar - What's Inside?

For those who MUST know what's inside of the Crochet Countdown to Christmas Advent Calender, here you go!  

December 1

Handmade Crochet Tools Drawstring Pouch.  Store your favorite crochet goodies in this convenient drawstring pouch. One pouch is included. Others are shown for fabric variations.

December 2

Write-On Stitch Markers.  Write notes of your projects on the white bead, such as hook size or type of stitch. Erase with nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol and reuse.

December 3

3 mini Crochet Hooks Keychain. Sizes 3mm, 4mm, and 5mm. About 3 inches long.

December 4


Mini Scissors Keychain.  

To Open: Slide White Button to the other side.

To Close: Push scissors' blades

together. Slide white Button to other side. If it's stuck, grab the scissors' blades and push back into the case.

December 5

Row Counter Ring. 

1 included.  Other colors are shown for variation.

Turn On: Large Silver Button

Add a Row: Large Silver Button 

Reset: Small Silver Button

Automatically turns off 

after 1-2 minutes.

Press Large Silver Button to turn back on. It will keep your count.

December 6

3 Mini Sample Yarn Skeins (10 grams each).  Colors are Random and will vary.


December 7

Handmade Wire Yarn Tension Zigzag Ring.   Customers have really enjoyed these rings that help with hand and finger fatigue and also help your crochet stitches be more even.  I will make the ring in the size range you choose for your index / pointer finger.  The ring is made of aluminum which contains no nickel.  The color is Copper, but could vary.

December 8

3 Christmas Themed Stitch Markers with Lobster Clasp.  Christmas Charms are Random and will vary.


December 9

Crochet Pin. Use for clothing or attach to a bag or backpack.

December 10

Measuring Gauge for Crochet. A handy little tool for measuring the gauge of your yarn projects.

December 11 -12

3 Pom Pom Makers with instructions.  Large is in Dec. 11 and the Medium and Small are in Dec. 12.

December 13

Ring Cutter. A ring you can wear for fast and convenient cutting of yarn and thread.

December 14

Set of 5 Crochet and Yarn Themed Stitch Markers with Lobster Clasp.

December 15

Yarn Guide for multiple yarn strands.

December 16

Set of 5 "Handmade with Love" labels for your finished crochet projects.  Colors will vary.

December 17

Set of 5 Safety Noses and 5 Pairs of Safety Eyes with back stoppers for amigurumi.  Colors may vary.  Safety eyes are not recommended for items given to 5 year olds and younger.  

December 18

Most popular Crochet Tension Ring - Antique Silver Peacock.  Instructions included.


December 19

Yarn Tension Ring Storage Pouch Stitch Marker.  Here’s a pouch to store your yarn tension ring with your current project. Use the clasp like a stitch marker to clip it onto your work.


December 20

3 Mini Sample Yarn Skeins (10 grams each).  Colors are Random and will vary.

December 21

Tape Measure. Measure your yarn projects up to 60 inches or 150 cm.  Click the button to automatically roll the tape back into the dispenser.  Colors may vary.

December 22

Key Chain or Zipper Pull for your purse or bag. 1 Included.  Other colors are shown for variation.


December 23

4 Darning Needles. 2 long and 2 short.  Colors may vary.


December 24

Needle Threader for yarn.


If you would like to purchase for yourself or a friend, please visit my Etsy Shop.

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