What is Trellis Ladder Yarn?

Trellis Ladder Yarn is a unique type of flat yarn that has colored rectangular blocks every ½ - 1 inch that are attached to 2 pieces of thread - one on each side.  The thin threads on the sides look like the legs of the ladder and the colored sections are the steps.  Normally Ladder Yarn is made of Polyester or Nylon.

Other Names for Trellis Ladder Yarn

Trellis Ladder Yarn, or just Ladder Yarn for short, has many names.  It can be called Railroad Yarn, Trellis Yarn, Lattice Yarn, Lattice Thread, and Ribbon Yarn.  There’s probably other names I’m forgetting, but you get the idea!

What Yarn Brands make Trellis Ladder Yarn?

Ladder yarn is not normally found in stores.  Walmart, JoAnn, and Michaels used to carry it many years ago, but as far as I know, they don’t anymore. What I have found, is the yarn brand that has the best selection of ladder yarn colors is Ice Yarns.  At YarnNecklaces.com, we stock exclusively Ice Yarns Ladder Yarn.  We normally carry 50-60 unique colors, sometimes more!  

Current Best Sellers:

Sweet Tart Sparkle $5.99
Trellis Ladder Yarn Silver
Trellis Ladder Yarn- Denim


There are a couple other Yarn brands that make ladder yarn called Berlini Ladder Yarn and Dark Horse Ladder Yarn.  These brands can be found on Amazon.  Their selections seem to be smaller than Ice Yarn Ladder Yarns, but they have different colors available so you may just find exactly the color you are looking for if you can’t find it in Ice Yarns. 


What can you make with Trellis Ladder Yarn?

My favorite things to make with Trellis Ladder Yarn are necklaces, bracelets, anklets, and earrings.  The Trellis Ladder Yarn Multi-strand Necklace is the most popular crochet project to make with Trellis Ladder Yarn.  It’s stylish, ultra lightweight, and has a bead in the back to make the length adjustable so you can customize it to fit any top, blouse, sweater or dress.

 Go to the Trellis Ladder Yarn Multi-Strand Necklace Crochet Pattern:Trellis Ladder Yarn Multi-Strand Necklace Crochet Pattern

Check out our growing playlist of Ladder Yarn Projects on YouTube in the video player below.  While you are there, be sure to subscribe so you will be the first to see our new tutorials when they are released.

 If you are still looking for more ideas for crocheting with ladder yarn, we have some beautiful jewelry and accessory crochet patterns on yarnnecklaces.com.  We offer 2 ways to purchase patterns: digital download or printed & mailed to you.  

Digital Download Crochet Patterns:

This is the cheaper option and you will also be able to access the pattern right after you purchase.  The patterns are available in a PDF format and you can click the link to download after your order is completed.  Then you can choose to print it out or just read it from your computer, phone, or tablet.

Printed & Mailed to You Crochet Patterns:

With this option, we will print out the pattern for you (black & white print out) and mail it to your address.  This option costs just a little more due to the supplies and postage required, but is helpful if you don’t have a printer.

How do you Crochet with Ladder Yarn?

Ladder Yarn is a little bit more difficult to crochet with than regular worsted weight yarn.  If you are just learning to crochet, use a solid yarn like worsted weight until you get the hang of it. 

You don’t need to be an advanced crocheter by any means to be able to crochet with Trellis Ladder Yarn.  I taught my 9 year old niece to make a Trellis Ladder Yarn Stretchy Hair Tie after she had only crocheted with regular yarn a few times.  Many times, when working with Ladder Yarn, the crochet stitches are very simple such as the Chain Stitch or Single Crochet.   

Its very important to remember to crochet Trellis Ladder Yarn like a full piece of Yarn.  You do not need try to get fancy with it and crochet in between the ladder sections.  This will make crocheting difficult and it will just look like a jumbled mess!

What Crochet Hook Should I Use when Crocheting Trellis Ladder Yarn?

In general, I recommend using a large crochet hook such as a size K or 6.5mm, but sometimes it will depend on the pattern.  I also prefer using Susan Bates style crochet hooks.  If you compare them to other hooks, you will see that the Susan Bates Crochet hook does not taper in like the others.  I find that this helps keep the stitches wide enough to easily yarn over and pull through.

Can you KNIT with Trellis Ladder Yarn?

YES! Of course. I have not created any knitting patterns (because honestly, I’m not that great at it and I prefer crochet) but I have many customers that use the yarn for knitting shawls, and scarves.  Here’s a few patterns I found that will get you started if you are a knitter.

Knitted Ladder Yarn Scarf on Etsy   Knitted Ladder Yarn Wrap PatternKnitted Ladder Yarn Scarf  

Ladder Yarn can be lots of fun to Crochet or Knit with and the results turn out beautiful.  Try one of our Crochet Patterns or YouTube Tutorials today!

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  • Susan Bushko on

    I would like a pattern for crocheted trellis yarn fringe scarf.

  • Eleanor Schonwe on

    I was so happy to come across your website. In the past I have crochet beaded ropes which took forever to learn. Will never forget now. I recently found lots of ladder type yarns from my past knitting garments. I purchased a ladder necklace years ago ($25) intending to make some but didn’t. They were hanging loose not crochet. Many strands. I am a beader at heart since 1992 n used to knit a lot. Over the years circumstances caused me unable to make crafting a good part of my life. Now I have an I pad n enjoy every day looking at all the wonderful things one can make. When I started beading it was very complicated but beautiful pieces of jewelry. Now lots of beading is easier n faster n beautiful in its own way. I look forward to seeing what other
    Beaded yarn patterns u have available. I have a very extensive collection of beautiful beads yarns n threads n crochet hooks. Lol


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