Trellis Yarn Fringe Earrings Instructions

Trellis Yarn Fringe Earrings

Free Trellis Yarn Earrings Pattern and Instructions!

Fringe Trellis Yarn Earrings


Watch my youtube video on how to make these:





Trellis Ladder Yarn, approximately 72 inches.


2 Earwires


2 Large Jumprings (10mm or larger)


Crochet Hook, Around an H or I




Jewelry Pliers


A couple drops of white glue (Optional)




1. Make sure the jump rings are closed properly at the slit.  The aluminum ones come slightly opened.  If they are not, use your pliers to close them.


2. Cut 2 sets of 6 pieces of Trellis Yarn 6 inches long.  Hint:  Try to cut before or after the Trellis so that they don't unravel.




3. Stick the crochet hook through the jumpring.  Slide it down the hook about an inch.


4. Grab the middle of one set of yarn and put it over the hook. Making sure all strands are together, push the jumpring off the hook and onto the yarn.  Slide it down a little further, about 1/2 inch, than what I have in the picture below.  This will give you a little more room to pull through in the next step.




5. Wrap the tails of the yarn around the hook as if you were doing a chain crochet stitch and carefully pull all strands all the way through the jumpring. 




6.  Pull each strand tight so you don't have any "bubbles" of yarn at the top.


7.  To secure, take a dot of white glue and put it on the back know of the earring. 


Front View



Back View



Or take the top 2 strands of yarn in the front and wrap them around to the back and tie in a knot.


8. Do steps 3-7 for the 2nd earring.


9. Trim the yarn strands to the desired length.  I just leave mine the way they are because I like the look of multiple lengths.


10.  Use the pliers to bend the loop on the earwire toward you.  Put the finished earring's jump ring over the loop and bend it back to close.  Do the same for the second one.




11.  Enjoy your earrings. 


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