Samos Ribbon Yarn Braided Bib Necklace Pattern

Samos Ribbon Yarn Braided Bib Necklace Pattern

Braided Bib Crochet Necklace Pattern

for Samos Ribbon Yarn but can also be used

with Trellis Ladder Yarn and Butterfly Yarn.


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The Braided Bib Crochet Necklace Pattern for Samos Ribbon Yarn is an easy pattern that even most beginner crocheters can master.  You will need to know how to do the chain crochet and also how to braid.


Supplies Needed:

Samos Ribbon Yarn (When using other types of yarn, such as Butterfly or Trellis, the necklace will not be as thick.)


Crochet Hook approximately a "K".  Doesn't need to be exact.

Tape (optional)



1. Leave a tail on the end of about 1 foot or a little more.  Crochet 35 chains. Cut the ribbon to match the length of the beginning tail.  These long tails will be used to tie your necklace in bow at the end.


2. Make 2 of the following: Leave at least a 2 inch tail and crochet 35 chains.  Leave at least a 2 inch tail on the end. 




3. Gather the three pieces and a tie a simple overhand knot using all 3 together. While the knot is still loose try to position it as close to the end of the crocheted chains as possible.



4. You may use a piece of tape or something to hold down you necklace so you can braid it. If you would like the graduated look (from the thinner ends to thicker middle) make the braid on the edges tight and gradually get looser from there.  You can fold the necklace in half to estimate the midpoint and then start to gradually braid tighter again on the end.  Don't feel bad if the braid isn't even at first.  I had to undo my braid and adjust.  You can adjust until it is perfect enough for you.  If you are not interested in the graduated look, try to keep the tension even throughout the whole braid. Either way, Braid the necklace just past the crocheted chain sections. 


5. Tie an overhand knot over the 3 ribbons and get as close to the end of your braid as possible.



6. Trim the 2 short ribbons on each end of the necklace.  Now you can finish by just tying the long ribbon in a bow.  Other ways to finish would be to use a ribbon crimp and lobster clasp.  Or to make it adjustable, a large hole bead can be threaded through both long pieces of ribbon.  Tie and overhand knot at the edges of the ribbon so that the bead doesn't come off.