Ruffley Crocheted or Knitted Samba Scarf Pattern

Ruffley Crocheted or Knitted Samba Scarf

Samba Yarn Scarf - Free Crochet Pattern (and Knitted Pattern below...)


1 Ball of Samba Yarn

Crochet hook (Size not really important. I used a K)


View a Youtube Video on making this Samba Scarf:





1. You will notice that one side of the yarn has thread on top and an opening where you can crochet. Use this side of the yarn.




2. Starting with the end of the yarn, insert the crochet hook (front to back) in the first space. Then skip a space, insert the hook front to back in the next space and space after that (making 3 loops on top of your hook) See photo.



3. Pull the last loop made on the hook, through the first 2.



4. *Skip the next space of the yarn and insert the hook in the next 2 spaces as before. Again, pull the last loop through the other two on the hook.* Repeat this from * to * until you get the desired length for your scarf. I usually do 5-6 feet.





5. You will now turn and crochet into the work you have just made. Insert the hook into your work into the first larger space made by the space you skipped. Using the yarn, Skip a space, insert the hook in the next space and pull through the skipped space on your hook, but leave the beginning loop on.





6. You now have two loops on your hook. Insert the hook into the next space on your yarn and pull through the 2 loops on the hook.



7. Continue this pattern to the end. To finish, cut the yarn through the middle of the space and tie the beginning and ending threads together.





Please let me know if you have any questions or comments about the pattern so that I can clarify it for everyone.



Knitted Samba Yarn Scarf Pattern


Pattern Provided by GSC Tekstil



Approx. 47" (120cm) long

Material: 1 ball Ice Samba Yarn

Fiber Content: 95% Acrylic, 5% Polyester

Needle Size: 5mm / US 8


1. Stretch the yarn.


2. Insert the needle in each hole of the yarn.  Cast on stitches.  Repeat for 8 stitches.  (Alternatively, you can also leave one hole free and make a diversity.)


3. Repeat the same for every row.


4. Always work Garter stitch.  When finished, bind off all stitches.


5. [Look at the photo in #5] Your project will be like this. It will look different if you leave free hole in step 2.