Pendant Necklace Set Instructions

1. Choose a color of Trellis Yarn that will compliment your pendant. Decide how you would like to finish the ends of your necklace.  Do you want to not use any additional hardware? Leave a tail on each side of the crocheted chain of at least 7 inches and you can tie it in a bow.  Do you want a more professional finish with a clasp.  Use ribbon crimps, jump rings, and a lobster clasp. 

2. Chain Crochet the length you would like your necklace to be.  Take note that the pendant will pull on the chain so it will stretch out a little when you wear it.

3. Using a scrap piece of string or yarn, thread a loop from the back to the front of the pendant.

4. Fold the Crocheted chain in half and use the scrap piece of string to thread the folded end of the crochet chain through the pendant from front to back. Put the scrap thread off to the side. Only pull the folded crocheted chain about and inch or 2 through the hole on the pendant.

5. You will now have a loop on the back of the pendant from the crocheted chain that you pulled through.  Thread the opposite ends of the crocheted chain through this loop and then pull tight towards the pendant.

6. To secure the pendant in place, tie and overhand knot right above the pendant. Make it loose and then slide it towards the pendant and make sure it is as close to the pendant as possible.

7. Finish the ends as desired.