Oh La La Yarn Scarf Crochet Pattern

Oh La La Yarn Scarf Crochet Pattern

Here is the pattern for the

Crocheted Oh La La Yarn Scarf

The Crocheted Oh La La Scarf is made almost the same way as the Flamenco Yarn Scarf. The Oh La La Yarn may come tied together with string.  This is to keep it together in the skein.  Before you start working with your yarn, carefully cut the places where it has been tied together. Please follow the instructions below to make the scarf.



1 Ball of Oh La La Yarn (Makes 1 approx. five foot scarf)

Crochet hook (Size not really important.  I used a I.)


1. When first looking at the yarn you will notice that there are about 1 inch holes on one side. On the other side you have yarn fringes.  You will work the holes facing up.




2. Starting with the end of the yarn on the side of the hand you crochet with. (Right handers with have the end the yarn on the right side with the ball of yarn on the left.)


Insert the crochet hook from front to back in the first 4 very top holes. (This is an example with Flamenco Yarn, but same idea.)




Pull the top thread from the 4th hole through the rest of the 3 holes.  (This is an example with Flamenco Yarn, but same idea.)





3. Insert the hook in the next 3 holes (starting with the one right under your hook) and pull the thread from the 3th hole through the 3 holes and the loop on the hook so that you only have one loop remaining on the hook. If you would like a longer, less full scarf, you can insert your hook into 2 holes in step 3. 


4. Repeat step 3 until you finish the ball of yarn or reach the desired length.  I like to make the scarves about 5 feet.  The yarn tends to turn in the same direction as you go.  Unlike, Flamenco yarn, you can just let it twist as long as you can tell which hole to put you hook in next.


6. To finish, pull one of the fringes through the last loop that you pulled up on your crochet hook.  Then you can use this fringe and another close to it to tie a knot and secure the end of the scarf.


7. You can tie to fringes at the beginning of the scarf or just leave it as is.



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