Helpful Hints - Scarf Yarns

If you have purchased any Scarf Yarns, you will probably like these helpful hints.

Question: How do I keep the Flamenco, Ballerina, or any Ruffley Scarf yarn from getting twisted?  

Answer: I get this question a lot.  There are a few different ways, so you can try each one and see what works best for you. 

1. My method is to crochet or knit about 1 foot of the scarf and then take the end of my crochet hook and swing the yarn around the hook in the opposite direction that its twisting.  I swing it around at least 20-30 times so that it is twisted a lot the opposite way.  As I continue crocheting it will continue to get untwisted. And then once it gets untwisted, it will start to twist in the first direction.  As you are making your scarf, the more yarn you can unravel from your ball, the less it will seem to twist, as the twisting will be more spread out.  When the end of your scarf is too long to swing it around the crochet hook, you can take the hook end of the crochet hook with one hand and the made up part of your scarf with the other hand.  Wrap the scarf around the crochet hook as many times as will fit on the hook in the opposite direction of the twisting.  Then unwrap it from the hook side of your crochet hook.  Be careful to keep the look on the hook where you stopped crocheting.

2. Another method, which is easier to explain, is to simply twist the ball of yarn in the opposite direction as you go.

3. Also, a customer uses a method where she unravels the entire skein of yarn and then takes a large piece of cardboard and wraps the yarn around it, making sure to keep it untwisted.  When the yarn is all wrapped up onto the cardboard, she starts her scarf and flips the cardboard over as she goes.

Question: How do I join 2 ends of the scarf yarns together?  

Answer: You may be interested in learning how to join 2 ends of the scarf yarns together.  You would do this if you have completed your scarf but have yarn left over, but not enough to make another complete scarf.  If you get to the end of the yarn and you have another skein of the same color and your scarf is not finished, you can join them together.  Or in the case that yarn is cut in the middle or has a knot you can use this method.  If the yarn is knotted, cut off the knot first.

Flamenco Yarns and Similar Types:

Start with the 2 ends of the yarn lined up and facing each other as shown below.


Pull apart the holes closest to the ends to make the strings longer.  The top strand of the top hole will aline with the very top strand.  The bottom strand on the bottom hole will align with the very bottom strand.  See below.


Line up each of the four strands.  If you have 5, or if it doesn't look exactly like the photo, that's okay.  Just make just they are lined up evenly.  Tie a knot with each of the corresponding strands.  Remember to pull the knot tight on the outer and inner part of the knot to make sure its secure.  


Trim the ends.  Be very careful when you are trimming because it can get confusing.  You don't want to trim part of your yarn that you will crochet with and then have to start this process all over again.  Once all stray ends are trimmed, you can continue to crochet your scarf as normal.  Do your best with finding the right holes to crochet with as you go over your mended part.  In most cases it won't be put together perfect so you can use your best judgement on where to put your hook.  Once your over it, you can continue to crochet as normal.  The knotted parts will be virtually unnoticeable because the ruffles hide it very well.