Crocheted Trellis Yarn Necklace Multi-Strand - Gold Rush

Crocheted Trellis Yarn Necklace Multi-Strand - Gold Rush

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COLOR: Gold Rush - Shades of Gold, Bronze, Champagne, and Off White

*Fashionable Necklaces hand crocheted from shimmering lacy ribbon yarn.

*They are very light weight and comfortable, never itchy. You would probably forget you're wearing it, except you'll be reminded by all the compliments!

*The vibrant shimmery colors of the yarn, along with the crochet techniques I used, make it look like a beaded necklace.

*They are perfect for people who can't wear jewelry because they are allergic to metals. The necklaces are made of 100% polyester.

*Adjustable bead can make the necklace 15" to 30" long. The crocheted ends can be pulled to shorten the necklace and the necklace can be pulled outward to length the necklace.

*The adjustable crocheted necklaces can be worn with a low cut top or look great on top of a crew neck, collar, or turtle neck solid colored shirt.

*Colors may appear slightly different because of computer monitor settings.

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